Friday, January 15, 2010

I must admit I have a problem with the Trinity as I know others have had in the early days of Christianity and many now do also. I recall saying to the minister after a worship service that our religion was more Paulist than Jesuit. Jesus attacked the superficiality of the Judaism of his day and applied pragmatic remedies. Paul extracted the nobler elements of Jesus’ mission and distilled them into a message of hope based upon love. Paul was not leaning on the gospels; they had not been written. He was pressed into service directly during an epiphany. His activities as described in Acts were not recorded until 5 to 10 years after his missions had begun. His earliest letter was written about 51 A.D or about 20 years after Jesus’ crucifixion. His sole sources were revelation and experience. He acknowledged the authority of Jesus but emphasized his spirituality. I can accept Jesus as a very special prophet, as was Elijah, who was able to apply divine power to human experience. Now as for love, it is the basic element of harmony. Just as without goodness there is evil, without love there is discord. Without both, there is chaos.
I also have some trouble with what I term the “trappings” of worship like the “host” and the wine, the incense, holy water, the costumes etc. I do not like the linkage between faith and success, devotion and wealth. I do not appreciate grandiose cathedrals. I like the unadorned evergreen as much as the tinsel- covered Christmas Tree.

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